A red silhouette in the middle of an indefinable room. Her movements are slow and circular. Although the red colour stands out against the background, the figure hardly seems tangible. Symbols pass by, showing us a demarcated area in which is is moving. An invisible border that keeps the outside world away from her. Unexpectedly, small details appear on her silhouette and the enclosed space seems to dissolve for a moment. But one waits in vain for more. Outlines that would define her and at the same time form the intersection with the outside world are absent and the small details come and go. What remains is the red silhouette, surrounded by an invisible border. But as long as the red silhouette stands out from the background, she is still there. With her dreams, hopes and her history.
The video combines four different levels. The starting point is the song „Susi“ by singer-songwriter Tini Bot. The dancer Rika Yotsumoto interpreted the song in her performance, while Omani Frei created the drawn animation on top of it. And finally, Nina Behnisch designed 8 animated symbols inspired by the song lyrics. All four layers together create the music video for „Susi“.

Music video
Animation | Editing: Omani Frei
Animation | Symbols: Nina Behnisch
Music: Tini Bot & Band
Dancer: Rika Yotsumoto
05: 53 min