Personality is something individual. However, the individual elements of which it is composed are generally understandable. Everyone knows hope, the idea of a cup or how it feels to touch skin. Only our different experiences and combinations of the individual elements create the complex structure of the personality. In my work I try to illuminate the small components. What do their structures look like?

I take apart, analyse, question and reconstruct them with the help of artistic devices. I mainly work with animation, film, painting, drawings and installations. The resulting works are intended to create a better understanding of the complex whole by focusing on the small components. A sensibility not only for one’s own personality, but also for the personality of others should be strengthened.


Born in Austria I currently live and work in Dresden.
I studied for two years in Italy at the Academy of Fine Arts in Catanzaro, where I experimented with performance and video art. When I moved to the Dresden Academy of Fine Arts, I focused on painting and traditional 2D animation. In 2020, I graduated as a master student of Prof. Carsten Nicolai.

Born in Bludenz (Austria)

Academy of Fine Arts, Catanzaro (Italy)
Prof.: Cilvini Fiormario

Academy of Fine Arts, Dresden (Germany)
Prof.: Scheffler A. Wolfram

Academy of Fine Arts, Dresden
Master student of Prof. Nicolai Carsten

Member since 2020
Neustadt Art Kollektiv
SALOON Dresden