Lonely Mouth


Quinn has a magical fridge that is constantly filled with new exotic delicacies. She generously shares all the gifts with the people in her immediate vicinity. Their lives revolve around luxury, lust and ecstasy. They don’t waste a thought on how they get all the delicacies in the first place and how Quinn’s magic fridge actually works. It works and that is the main thing. It’s only when it starts to give less and less and finally seems to be completely defective that they are forced to take a closer look at it. The warranty has long since expired and the instructions for use are too complicated. Out of desperation, Quinn starts to take it apart and finds the source of the apparent magic.

A sashimi quality red tuna fillet with mango avocado dip and a macadamia chia seed pudding. Exotic delicacies have long been part of our everyday lives and seem to be available anytime, anywhere. A state of being that is becoming increasingly absurd due to the ever more acute climate crisis. As long as the luxury flows and the consequences are still easy to ignore, we seem to have no serious interest in change. We apply certain mechanisms to protect our psyche from the complex crisis and its consequences. Lonely Mouth plays precisely with this mechanism of repression and its consequences. At the same time, artist Omani Frei remains true to her visual language in dealing with social issues. The moral club and the threatening forefinger are left out. By depicting the situation in an emotionally moving and exaggerated but essentially accurate way, the viewers are encouraged to become more sensitive to the subject and their own attitude towards it.

Work in progress

Frame-by-frame animation | digital hand drawn
Script funded by Vorarlberger Landesregierung 
Animation/Film funded by SLM Sächsische Landesmedienanstalt