As a small sensation it appears in the beginning, but soon the feeling is permanently present. The feeling to be constantly in search of something and never arriving. The restless search for the unknown destination, which brings you the long awaited inner peace. But how to reach a goal that has no name and eludes any concrete description.
.Signposts from outside seem to be the solution. Easy to read and unambiguous, they appear everywhere in abundance. Not like your own, which are deeply hidden within yourself and often only show themselves in an encrypted form.
You only have to choose the right ones.
So it seems.

Animation (2D, Hand drawn) / Installation
Film: Omani Frei
Sound: Omani Frei
Mastering: Jan Kosyk
05:30 min



Senbazuru II

If you unfold a paper crane, the fold lines remain visible on the paper and form a geometric pattern.
Based on the Senbazuru I project I drew this pattern one thousend times on 9 paperboards.

They are extrem light-sensitive. Unprotected from the environment they unstoppable discolor.
So one day you will no longer be able to see the lines.